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A journal "Dovkillia ta zdorovia" (Environment & Health) publishes the articles on the problems in the field of medical ecology, hygiene, health protection and ecological safety.

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State Institution "O.M. Marzeiev Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine"

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Environment & HealthISSN: 2077-7477 eISSN: 2077-7485
No: 2 (78)   -   2016   -   Pages: 43-46
Evaluation of antral hepatoprotector acute toxicity in alternative test-systems
Kuzminov B.P.1, Matysik S.I.1, Zazuliak T.S.1, Mykytchak T.I.2
1 Lviv Danylo Halytsky National Medical University
2 Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Ë─╩: 614.35:615.244.099

Objective. We studied the acute toxicity of Antral in Daphnia magna Straus.
Materials and methods. We determined the acute toxicity of Antral in the concentrations of 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.50; 1.00 and 2.00 mg/l among 180 juvenile Daphnia magna Straus. The control group consisted of 30 individuals which were in the pure cultivation medium. The duration of the experiment made up 96 hours. The toxicity was determined by death not less than 50% of the experimental individuals during 1; 6; 24; 48; 72 and 96 hours. For LC 50 calculation we used a percentage of the individuals perished in the experiment relative to the control. The percentage of mortality was transferred into probit and a concentration of the substance - into their decimal logarithm. According to these values we had constructed the graphs from which we determined the lethal concentration of Antral by the antilogarithm of the concentration in probit with the meaning of 5 for each period of the experiment.
Results. Conditions for the determination of Antral acute toxicity in the alternative test systems were satisfied, and mortality in Daphnia magna Straus to 10% in the control and less than 50% by the exposure of different concentrations of the preparation indicates it. Dependence of the death in Daphnia magna Straus from studied Antral concentrations was determined. Coefficient of correlation among these indicators for 24 h made up 0.88; for 48 h - 0.98; for 72 h - 0.91 and for 96 h - 0.90 (p<0.05 in all cases). Average lethal Antral concentrations (mg/l) for the biotests of different duration: for 48 h - 3.7; for 2 h - 7.1; for 96 h - 2.5 were calculated according to the graphs of probit values.
Average meaning of LC 50 for Antral makes up 4.4 mg/l, standard deviation ľ 2.4 mg/l. Antral concentration of 2.0 mg/l (Grade 2 of toxicity) was proved to be a weakly toxic one.

Óntral, toxicity, Daphnia magna Straus.
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